1112 episode 3 - walkthrough
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At the beginning I will describe exactly what to do. Later on I will assume that you are already familiar with the game and locations.

John’s bathroom

John’s living room


Louis’ House

Now go outside the house – this will activate a new objective – I’ve just got to warn the police!


City Center


Antique Dealer


I should get inside the Vanpsych house.

Vanpsych House

Astrid’s House

Now there will be a mini game – with your cursor clear the snow from the trapdoor

I’ve got to find a way to open the basement door.

You can now open the front door from the inside.


Getting the “symbol of the true path” - finding cylinders

Where can I find Hermes’ box?

Hermes was a Gods messenger – therefore a Hermes’ box is a mailbox.

Go to Louis’ mailbox – when there, Louis will say “Look, the mail came…”

“In the middle of the forest, two cubits from the fallen King, the quest reveals itself.”

The fallen King is the Stump and “two cubits” is the length from it.

“Seventy to port, ten to starboard, fifty to port and one hundred all sails up.”

Port and Starboard is the direction. This is the new combination for Louis’ safe.

“At the foot of the first you will be back on the trail.”

The first was Louis’ mailbox.

“The mysterious chimera will not let him go.”

A chimera is a female creature composed of the parts of multiple animals.

Go to the Antique Dealer. There’s a Cylinder in the Deer Man’s palm. It wasn’t active earlier.

“Eire is the key.”

Eire is the gaelic name for Ireland.

“The path of revelation is in the hands of the nativity.”

Our symbol is in the hands of the nativity… um, you will understand in a bit. ;)

Go to the City Center, and then Towards Northroad and The Police Station. When there, you will meet a Preacher.

Go to Astrid. In her room there is a Book on the Vanity on the right.

I’ve got to show the “symbol of the true path” to Astrid.

No matter what cards you will choose – it will always be Inverted Empress, The Fool, The Devil and The Unnamed Arcana. Louis has only one destiny. ;)

Astrid must know something: I’ve got to question her.

I’ve got to ask as many people as possible about Anna.

Ok, so we’ve got already 4 people covered, now we need to take care of the remaining 6.


I need to find a rifle so that Igmar will see fit to talk with me.

I’ve got to make Igmar talk.

The gossip queen… that’s Felicity. I’ve got to talk to her.

People in Orlando


I’ve got to find some Kerbeci Bourbon and give it to Gordon.

Now we have to go to Astrid’s House, but before – go back to Orlando

I’ve got to find Lesly’s cat.

I’ve got to question Gordon.

I’ve got to question Lesly.

I’ve got to solve Kyril’s riddles.

Kyril – [speak], use every topic, when it will come to Anna, you will see a green Game topic. You have to answer 4 riddles to get information about Anna.

  1. When I’m Discovered, I Cease to Exist.

    Answer: Secret

  2. When I Lay Down They Stand Up, And When I Stand Up They Lay Down.

    Answer: Feet

  3. What Stretches Out And Shrinks With Time?

    Answer: Life

  4. It’s Enough to Say My Name to Erase My Existence.

    Answer: Silence

Now you can ask Kyril about Anna. Basically he will redirect you to Mev, who didn’t want to talk to Louis earlier.

I’ve got to question Mev.

You have to drink with her all the drinks from the list. Later on the highlighted tasks will start to spin. Just keep going, all the way to when Louis will have to “Try Mev”.

I know enough – I’ve got to go warn the police!

I’ve got to find Fish.

  1. Towards Northroad – behind the trash can, next to the bus station

  2. Orlando – behind the rack

  3. The Woods (Towards Astrid’s House) – on the tree

  4. Astrid’s Basement – behind the pillar, light up a match

  5. In front of John’s House – behind the construction pillar on the right

  6. Antique Dealer Storage Room – a little bit on the right from the Vase

Opening closed Doors

You will get a Skeleton Key from Fish.

Now you can open every lock with it or you can use various Keys that you will find on the way.

I have to put some film in the camera.

I should take pictures of this graffiti.

Antique Dealer

Push the button and go out of the camera view – this is how you take the picture every time.

John’s House


Louis’ Home

I need a more reliable source of light.

I’m going to have to re-establish the electricity in the basement.

I need to find a door handle for the room upstairs.

Now I have to develop the photos

Go to the house, Louis will hear telephone ringing, go upstairs


They want evidence? They won’t be disappointed!

We already have Anna’s voicemail from the iClone, Recording of Anna’s conversation from the tape in the Cash Register at the Grocery and Graffiti pictures.

Now we have the Telephone Recording from Anna’s Office.

Now you have to put together two photos. Stay in the frame, if you won’t you will not progress. Fortunately you don’t have to turn the pieces a lot. It’s mostly in the second picture and it’s visible when to do that.

Now we have the Photos from Anna’s office.

I’ve got enough evidence to make these losers open up an inquiry; I should go back and talk to them!

Watch the final events.

This game is getting better and better! Can’t wait for the fourth episode.

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